#OSG Awakening our knowledge transfer ability :

We live in a world where the number of learners has skyrocketed: on the one hand by demographic growth, on the other by the extension of lifelong learning.

This number of learners will continue to increase. Traditional schools and training may not be able to follow.

To further develop education and learning in this world, we can no longer afford to rely on old models that depend on a small proportion of trainers compared to a vast number of learners.

To ensure a better learning experience for tomorrow, we need to awaken knowledge transfer capacity in all of us.

However, when asked, “Could you be a teacher ?” common obstacles emerge:

  • “I don’t have the time, I do some actual work” as if teaching could not meet their business stakes.
  • It’s boring. And, I don’t want to dictate things to everyone” because my image of education remains from top to bottom, boring through an unselected submission
  • It’s a job that is done alone in your own corner, it doesn’t interest me” because the void of interaction doesn’t meet my human needs to create connections?
  • I do not feel legitimate to share knowledge” because starting to share may seem more complex than it really is.

To overcome these obstacles, we could :

  • Build a community of learners and teachers,
  • where learning is fun and pleasant (the game), and potentially collective,
  • where everyone can learn to share their own knowledge in a fun and pleasant way (game facilitation),
  • where everyone can learn to share their knowledge in a fun way (game design),  
  • all in a framework that makes sense in our professional lives (Serious Game)
  • All this within an open and free information framework (Open).

We strive to unite and embody this non-proprietary movement of awakening knowledge transfer abilities under the#OpenSeriousGame label.

This movement seeks to promote the following values:

  • Learning by playing rather than passively listening
  • A desire to transmit by playing rather than reciting a lesson without interaction
  • A desire to create games rather than static content
  • A desire to transfer freely rather than making others depend on us

We acknowledge the value of more conventional content but we favour a playful learning.

The 8 principles we defend with #OpenSeriousGame

  1. Freeexplicit and upstream: All game contents must be free including slides and other elements, and freely reproducible. Users must be informed that these games are free before they play the game commonly with an #OpenSeriousGame tag.
  2. Reusability: The contents of one #OpenSeriousGame are reusable for any other #OpenSeriousGame or for any other educational use. If it is a digital game, the source code is also integrated.
  3. Provision of all resources before playing: Before each “game performance”, all resources are made available upstream and in public. If there is source code, it must be made publicly available
  4. Concrete applicability in economic activity: Games must be able to explicitly improve the professional lives of participants (Serious Game).
  5. Facilitator Training Resources: The game must contain in its public resources, a guide for the facilitator, and not just “content to be reinterpreted for the playing audience”. If it is a game without an animator, the game must contain a “deployment guide”.
  6. Facilitator Training Vocation: The creators and facilitators of an OpenSeriousGame are encouraged to train/encourage participants to facilitate this OpenSeriousGame. The openness to the training of facilitators is also communicated prior to the game sessions.
  7. Time for facilitator training: It should be possible to schedule a time during the game session (often at the end) for these exchanges.
  8. Time for networking: Budding facilitators and those who would like to see the game “played” in their professional context are connected, a time in the sessions should be allowed for these exchanges.


Sign the manifesto?

If you believe in what we believe: the awakening of the power of transmission in everyone, you can sign the manifesto here symbolically by adding a small comment.

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Evan Boissonnot Evan Boissonnot from nantes wrote on 11 February 2019
Je signe et m’y engage
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Curien Curien from PARIS wrote on 11 February 2019
Merci pour ce manifeste #OpenSeriousGames
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Jean-Baptiste Nallet Jean-Baptiste Nallet from BANEINS wrote on 11 February 2019
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Yann Gowsy Yann Gowsy from Paris wrote on 11 February 2019
L'art de transmettre et d'apprendre des uns des autres! #OpenSeriousGame
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Mathieu Remy Mathieu Remy from Andrésy wrote on 11 February 2019
Je signe le manifeste #OpenSeriousGames
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HANAUD HANAUD wrote on 11 February 2019
Je soutiens les #OpenSeriousGames.
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Anne-Sophie LOISON Anne-Sophie LOISON from LILLE wrote on 11 February 2019
Très belle initiative !
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Jawad Elhaouchi Jawad Elhaouchi from PARIS wrote on 11 February 2019
Je signe pour transmettre #OpenSeriousGame
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Marie-Julie LEMAITRE Marie-Julie LEMAITRE from Paris wrote on 11 February 2019
Je crois en ces valeurs de transmission et de partage de connaissance donc je signe
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Alexandre QUACH Alexandre QUACH from PARIS wrote on 8 February 2019
Je signe
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Je crois aux #OpenSeriousGames
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